How Dum Dums Are Made

Making Dum-Dums begins with the cooking process during which sugar and corn syrup are measured and mixed into a big candy batch. The batch is heated to a high temperature in large copper kettles to remove moisture which will allow the candy to harden later in the production process.

After the cooking process is complete, the batch is poured into a large mixing bowl where flavor and color are added. The batch is then transferred to a kneading table that cools the batch and continues to mix the color and flavor by folding the batch over and over.

Once the batch is done on the kneading table, it’s ready to be formed into the shape of a Dum-Dum. The candy mixture is transferred onto large rollers that slowly form the candy into a rope that is fed into a press. The press forms the rope of candy into the shape of a Dum-Dum and inserts a paper stick at a pace of more than 1,000 Dum-Dums per minute. The Dum-Dums are ejected from the press and moved through larger tumblers that cool and harden the candy.

After cooling, the formed Dum-Dums are transported on a conveyor belt to special wrapping machines capable of wrapping about 4 Dum-Dums every second. The wrapped pops are then conveyed to a packaging area where they are dropped in bags, packed in cases and stacked for shipment.