Fun, festive and tasty! This Dum Dums topiary is sure to be a hit this holiday season!

Snowman Topiary Craft

How to make it

1. Using pliers, cut the Dum Dums stick in half.

2. Starting from the base, fill with Dum Dums, leaving spaces for the buttons.

3. Cut out a 3x3 inch piece of black felt, and cut a piece of wire about 3 inches long.

4. Wrap the felt around the top of the Dum Dum, tie the wire around the base, where the stick and the lollipop meet, to secure the felt. Cut off the excess wire and felt.

5. Repeat step four to create as many buttons as you would like. Place each Dum Dums button in the Styrofoam.

6. Place twigs in the Styrofoam to be the snowman’s arms.

7. With ribbon and a strip of black felt, glue the ribbon to the middle of the felt for extra decoration. Then, wrap the scarf around the neck of the snowman, securing with Styrofoam glue.

8. Fill the top Styrofoam ball with Dum Dum and place the top hat on the snowman’s head.

9. Cut two circles out of the black felt, about ¾ of an inch in diameter. Glue them on top of the Dum Dums in the place of eyes.

10. Place a carrot between Dum Dums in the center of the snowman’s face for a nose, securing with glue.

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