Making these one-of-a-kind Halloween recipes for cupcake toppers lets your whole family join in on some frightful fun. Whether you prefer your Halloween treats cute or creepy, these cupcakes provide just the trick.

Scary Spider Cupcake Recipe

How to make it

  1. Prepare devils' food cupcakes according to package directions on box. Let cool completely.
  2. While your cupcakes are cooling, prepare frosting:
  3. Cream butter with a mixer.
  4. Add cocoa and powdered sugar alternately with milk.
  5. Beat until you reach a spreading consistency, adding more milk if necessary.
  6. Blend in vanilla.
  7. Frost cupcakes once cooled.
  8. Top each cupcake with chocolate sprinkles.

Yield: About 12 frosted cupcakes.

How to make your Halloween cupcakes into scary (maybe a little silly, too?) spiders:

  1. Select two Dum Dum Pops in the same flavor.
  2. Snip about an inch off the end of each stem.
  3. Unwrap the Dum Dum Pops. These will be the spider's eyeballs.
  4. Using a glue pen, adhere an edible eye to each lollipop, then place them side by side into the cupcake.
  5. Next, prepare the spider "legs."
  6. Take a black licorice twist and cut in half lengthwise, then cut in half again lengthwise. You should end up with four thin strips of licorice from each twist.
  7. Repeat with a second piece of licorice.
  8. Alternately, if you can find black licorice laces, simply separate the laces and use one lace as each leg.
  9. Place four "legs" into each side of the cupcake, trimming excess licorice if needed.

(Note that unless you use edible glue (homemade or store-purchased) the eyes will not be edible.)