It's a Pineapple Party! Enjoy this sweet treat at your next Summer party...


How to make it

1. Glue your two Styrofoam cubes together, wait until dry.

2. Carve your, now, one piece using a butter knife into the similar shape of a Pineapple.

3. Also, carve a "slice" out as shown picture...this step is optional.

4. Start placing wrapped pops all the way around the pineapple, excluding the "slice".

5. Unwrap around 45 UNWRAPPED Dum Dums inside the slice to simulate a real Pineapple.

6. Cut a real Pineapple top off and stick a rod down through the middle.

7. Now force the rod through the middle of your Pineapple to attach the two.

8. You're all set! How great does this smell?