Are you looking for Valentine's Day party decorations? Whether you need allergy free candy or simply want a variety of treats to offer guests, this is a fun and great idea for your next party.

Edible Valentine's Party Centerpiece

How to make it

  1. Cut foam to the size of your jar. Then, take about a half an inch from around the foam so there is extra space between it and the sides of the jar.
  2. Place foam in the middle of your jar. Make sure there is about ½" all around the foam. Then, start to pour your conversation hearts around the foam in order to keep it in place.
  3. Do not fill the jar entirely to the top. You want to make sure you have room to poke the lollipop sticks through the foam, so leave about an inch at the top exposed exposed.
  4. Take one lollipop at a time and begin to poke into the foam. You want to place them close together in order to avoid seeing foam on the finished product.
  5. Once you have placed the majority of your lollipops into the foam, check sporadic bald spots.
  6. When you have filled the foam sufficiently, finish placing the candy hearts in your jar. This will be a fun, festive and tasty treat for your table.

This Valentine candy bouquet can be easily resized to suit your purpose. If you are using this as a Valentine's party decoration for consumption, remember most people will take about 1-2 oz of candy hearts as well as 3-4 Dum Dum Pops. These Valentine candy bouquets make great centerpieces, gifts or snacks! And remember, just because your child has a food allergy, they can still partake in fun craft-making and candy-eating.

Tip - If you have a color theme, or prefer one specific flavor of Dum Dum Pop, remember you can get single flavor Dum Dums!

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