Get spooky with this ghostly centerpiece!

Dum Dum's Ghost

How to make it

1. Stick white Dum Dums in a large strofoam ball.

2. Fill a small apothecary jar with them.

3. Stick black Dum Dums in a 6 inch styrofoam cake mold.

4. Place all three items together, make sure they balance well and put two pieces of wire on each side to resemble arms.

5. Place your cheese cloth on top, shape it in a way that it looks like a ghost, remembering your two pieces of wire.

6. Spray starch all over, let dry & do again. Let dry over night.

7. Remove the pieces of wire and place two construction paper eyeballs on the head

8. Que spooky music and food & enjoy comments from guests on your Dum Dum's ghost!