Costumes, candy, and pumpkin carving make Halloween a family-friendly holiday. The element of surprise that surrounds Halloween, like the candy you get during trick-or-treating, is as exciting as our Mystery Flavor™ Dum-Dum Pop.
Learn a few silly Halloween fun facts and trivia about one of our favorite holidays!

Halloween Trivia

  • Halloween candy sales average about 2 billion dollars annually in the United States alone.
  • Halloween is the 2nd most commercially successful holiday, behind Christmas.
  • Illinois, California, New York, and Ohio produce more than 100 million pounds of pumpkins each year. These states are U.S. leaders in pumpkin growing.
  • Orange and black are traditional Halloween colors for a reason. Orange was chosen because of its association with the fall harvest and black was chosen due to its association with darkness.
  • Our beloved Jack o' Lanterns originated in Ireland where people placed candles in hollowed-out turnips to dismiss haunted spirits.

Halloween Fun Facts

  • The National Confectioners Association reports that 80 percent of adults in America give out candy to trick-or-treaters, and that 93 percent of children go trick-or-treating. That's a lot of candy being passed around!
  • Trick-or-treating is an imitation of All Souls' Day, where the less fortunate would beg for food. Richer families would give these individuals pastries in return for prayers.
  • According to, Seattle, Washington, is the best city for trick-or-treating.
  • In addition to collecting candy on October 31, a number of youth trick-or-treat for Unicef.
  • World War II caused sugar rationing, which stalled trick-or-treating for a number of years.

Use your new Halloween trivia to impress your friends while collecting your favorite candies while trick-or-treating or celebrating one of our favorite times of the year. Check out our History of Halloween to find out even more Halloween fun facts!

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