Help us unwrap America's flavorite

A Century
of Sweetness

Learn more about the 100 year history of Dum-Dums—from our humble origins in the 1920s to our blue tongue crazes in the 1990s.

Flaunt your

Want to show off your favorite flavor? Of course you do. Check out our TikTok filter that turns you into your Dum-Dum of choice.

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Let your
taste be heard

After a century, we think it’s about time America voted on their favorite Dum-Dums flavor. So look deep into your heart (and taste buds) and cast your vote today.

Find your Flavor

Grab a bag of your flavorites.

Got a not-so-surprising hankering for your favorite flavor that just set in? Let’s get you taken care of.

Unwrap the Press Kit

Download the Dum-Dums 100th Press Kit to delve deeper into our sweet celebration.



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