Save Wraps for Stuff

Eating Dum Dums can benefit more than just your taste buds! By saving your Dum Dums wrappers, you are able to receive a reduced price on cool stuff. Simply save your wrappers and send in your stash with the information below. Soon you'll be on your way to receiving fun goodies! Learn more about the program at our Save Wraps FAQs page.

8" Plush Dum Dum Drum Man
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Collect Dum Dums Wrappers

Collect Dum Dums wrappers to help with purchase of Save Wraps for Stuff items. Send in those 20 Dum Dums wrappers & get a reduced price on one item. (Sorry, we cannot collect more than 20 wrappers for each item).


Print the Order Form

Print out an order form from our web site and select your item(s). Click here to print our Save Wraps for Stuff brochure.

Print Order Form Print Rules Form


Mail in the following:

  • A completed order form marking the items you want, and sizes & colors if applicable. For your convenience, shipping & handling charges are included in the prices on this order form.
  • The correct number of Dum Dums wrappers needed for your order (20 wrappers for each item).
  • A check or money order for the selected stuff needed for your order (sorry - no cash).
  • Please select appropriate pricing for US (USD) or Canadian (CAD) dollars.
  • Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.


Make Checks Payable To:

Spangler Candy
Save Wraps for Stuff
P.O. Box 588
Bryan, OH 43506