Can you compete with the Dum Dum Drum man in a rockin’ game of memory and rhythm?

Be a pop star in no time with this iPad app designed to challenge your memory. The game begins simply enough, with the Drum Man tapping a beat, then users repeating the beats by tapping each drum with a finger. Get the sequence right in three tries or less, and you move to the next level!

But beware! Start out a beginner, but become a rock star with unlimited stages for players that become more complex as you pass each level.

For players who simply want to rock out, the game also allows for Free Play where aspiring drummers can tap out their own beats, just for fun.

Realistic 3D animations and great expressions from the Drum Man make Dum Dum Drums a fun yet challenging iPad game to play for aspiring drummers of all ages.

Please note this touchscreen game is only compatible with iPad and requires iOS version 6.0 orlater. It cannot be played on an iPhone or iPod.

Type of Game: Free Simon-Says style touchscreen game.

System Requirements: iPad, iOS Version 6.0, Touchscreen

Actual Game Length: Unlimited Levels plus Free-Play

Rated: 4+

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