Dum Dums Games

Online Candy Game - Level 1

Level 1 starts with 4 flavors!

Computer Games For Kids - Level 2

Level 2 has six!

Free Computer Games - Level 3

Can you keep up with 8 flavors in level 3?

Dum Dums Free Online Games: Dum Dums Flavor Frenzy

It's your turn to run the Dum Dum Factory! Can you make enough Dum Dum pops to keep the factory running?

Use your mouse to click on the Dum Dum Pops as the flavors drop from the crane at the top of the screen. If you click on the Dum Dum at the exact time the flavor touches it-it will make a Dum Dum Pop! But be careful-if you miss 4 flavors in a row in this fast paced game, you'll have to start over. Beat each level to move on to the next, where you'll have to keep up with even more flavors. See if you can earn a high score in the online candy game!

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Type of game: Desktop

System Requirements: Adobe Flash Player

Actual Game Length: about 1 minute per level

Rating: 6+

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