How many wrappers do you need to get stuff?

Can I just send in more wrappers and no money?

Can I send in the old wrappers for stuff?

Why does the stuff cost money?

How many items do you have and what do they cost?

What stores can I get the Dum Dums stuff from?

Why are codes printed on the bottom of Dum Dum wrappers?

Can I buy just one flavor of Dum Dums?

Why aren't all flavors in every bag?

What are Mystery Flavor™ Dum Dums?

When are new flavors coming out?

How many flavors of Dum Dums do you have?

Why isn't there more of my favorite flavor in the bag?

How do you determine which flavor to make?

How are the new flavors invented?

I don't like your new Buttered Popcorn flavor. Can you drop it from the assortment?

I love your new Buttered Popcorn flavor. Where can I get a box of just that flavor?

Are Dum Dums allergen-free?

Are Dum Dums gluten-free?

Which flavors of Dum Dums do not contain red coloring?

Which flavors of Dum Dums do not contain yellow 5 coloring?

Do Dum Dums contain melamine or phthalates?

What is the shelf life of Dum Dums?

What positive nutrition facts can I share about Dum Dums?

Can you send me some free Dum Dums?

What is the history of Dum Dums, and how did it get its name?

Why aren't Dum Dums bigger?

Why are Dum Dums small?

Why don't you make Dum Dums with plastic sticks?

Why can I no longer find my favorite Dum Dums flavor?

Where can I find Dum Dums in Canada?

Are Dum Dums with Jelly Bean centers allergen free?

What kind of sugar do you use in Dum Dums?

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🌷 It's magic! The perfect family bonding...

❤️💛💚💙💜 We love you back!

❤️💛💚💙💜 We love you back!

A shout out to all of our Canadian friends! Scarlet is posing with a Dum Dum she was given at her favorite restaurant, Harvest Moon, in St. Jacobs, Ontario! #dumdums #ourfansarethebest #gocanada

A shout out to all of our...

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Loving all of the great #mysterypopnation posts!...

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Start a conversation! 😎

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