From Sugar to Sweets: The Dum Dums Lollipop Production Process

Dum Dums are made from a mixture of sugar and corn syrup. Dry sugar is brought to the candy factory in a train rail car. The sugar is removed from the rail car by using clean hot water. The corn syrup is brought to the candy factory in heated tanker trucks.

The liquid sugar and corn syrup are pumped from storage tanks to a pre-cooker and then the cooking process starts. The mixture is pumped to the final cooker and cooked under a vacuum (little to no air). The vacuum removes moisture and heat from the candy.

After the candy is cooked it is placed in a large mixer and the color, flavor, and citric or malic acids are mixed into the batch. The citric acid reduces the sweetness and makes the flavor stronger. Malic acid enhances the flavor of non-citrus flavors. The flavors used in Dum Dums can be natural, natural & artificial, or artificial. The components of these flavors are derived from fruits and have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

After these ingredients are added, the batch is mixed. It is put into a batch roller which extrudes the candy into a press. The press forms the lollipop head and inserts the stick. After the candy is formed it is cooled so that it can harden.

Following cooling, the pops are transported to the wrapping machines on conveyor belts.

From the wrapping station, the Dum Dums are transferred to either a bagging or boxing operation and then stored in a climate-controlled warehouse until they are shipped to a distributor or retailer.

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Dallas thinks our Dum Dum pops are drool-worthy.. Do you??!
#dumdums #spanglercandy #summer15

Dallas thinks our Dum Dum pops are...



The perfect 3:00 happiness ☺️

The perfect 3:00 happiness ☺️

Happy #NationalDogDay. ❤️

Happy #NationalDogDay. ❤️

The world always looks brighter from behind a smile. Celebrate World Smile Day with Dum Dums!! 😄
#smile #worldsmileday #worldsmileday2015 #dumdums #appleorchard #fall #tgif #photooftheday #votawfarms

The world always looks brighter from behind...

Apples and fall go hand in hand; here's an easy treat that you'll be sure to love!

Sour Apple Cider Slushie

What You'll Need:
-Large Apples
-Apple Cider
-Sour Apple Dum Dums
-Hammer (or mallet)
-Plastic Freezer Bags

1.Pour apple cider into gallon freezer bags. Freeze overnight. (Remove from freezer an hour or two before you will be making the slushies so it can thaw a little.) 2.Put unwrapped SOUR APPLE DUM DUMS in a bag, seal, then crush with a hammer or mallet.
3.Cut off the top of the each apple; remove core and surrounding fruit to create a cup.
4.Combine frozen apple cider and crushed Sour Apple Dum Dums in a blender. Blend until desired texture.
5.Pour into the apples.
6.Garnish with more crushed Sour Apple Dum Dums, a whole, unwrapped Sour Apple Dum Dum (or two!) and a straw.
7.Enjoy!! #dumdums #candy #instagood #fall #pumpkins #apples #applecider #sourapple #happyfall #johnnyappleseed #johnnyappleseedday

Apples and fall go hand in hand;...

Happy National COMIC BOOK Day!! Make this simple Dum Dums Super Hero craft to celebrate! 
#dumdums #superhero #comicbooks #comicbook #nationalcomicbookday #comicon #craft #crafts

Happy National COMIC BOOK Day!! Make this...

Harper is bringing in the fall season with style! Her favorite accessory...a bag of Dum Dums almost as big as she is!!! #dumdums #fall #microfashion #children #instagood #love #happy #smile #lollipop #candy #toddlerfashion

Harper is bringing in the fall season...

We are enjoying the #FirstDayOfFall 😀🍁🍂 How are you celebrating? #autumn #happyfall

We are enjoying the #FirstDayOfFall 😀🍁🍂 How...

Which state has the most Dum Dums fans?? Let's find out!! Comment with your state to show us some love!
//Did you know your favorite lollipops are made right here in the United States?! (Bryan, OHIO to be exact!!)
#dumdums #ohio #madeintheusa #lollipop #fall #happyfall *Thank you to Farrell's Lawn & Garden Center for letting us shoot this photo at their location.

Which state has the most Dum Dums...