Best Halloween Candy for Trick or Treating

What's the best part of being an adult during the trick or treating Halloween season? Raiding through leftover trick or treating candy, of course! Whether it comes from the Dum Dums you're giving out, or the candy your child has collected, we're sure you'll enjoy a tasty Halloween treat or two throughout the season.

Here are several tasty benefits of sharing Dum Dums this Halloween season:

Dum Dums are a healthy Halloween candy option

With a growing childhood obesity epidemic, why not help more kids make a choice for healthy Halloween candy? Distributing Dum Dums, America's Favorite Giveaway Lollipop™, is an avenue to promote portion-controlled tasty Halloween treats during this fall holiday. It's the perfect zero-fat sucker that can be enjoyed in moderation.

Dum Dum Pops are a kosher candy that provide plenty of flavor with only 25 calories per treat. Dum Dum Pops are safe for children with food allergies - Dum Dums are gluten free as well as peanut free.

Dum Dums come in numerous lollipop flavors

Even the pickiest trick or treating kids are sure to find a Dum Dums flavor they love. With 16 flavors + the Mystery Flavor™, finding a favorite isn't hard. From classic flavors like Root Beer, Cherry, and Grape to newer additions like Blueberry, there's something for every palate in a Dum Dums assorted box.

Dum Dums are fun, colorful, and taste great

Dum Dums are easy on the waistline, and loved by millions! We produce more than ten million Dum Dums each and every day, and are confident each treat we make results in a smile.

We like to think of Dum Dums as the best Halloween candy, but you be the judge: View our selection of lollipops at our online candy store and make this a Halloween you won't soon forget!

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Any Gossip Girl fans?? We know Kelly Rutherford has impeccable taste, so it's only right that she's a Dum Dums fan! 
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Any Gossip Girl fans?? We know Kelly...

Dallas thinks our Dum Dum pops are drool-worthy.. Do you??!
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Dallas thinks our Dum Dum pops are...



The perfect 3:00 happiness ☺️

The perfect 3:00 happiness ☺️

Happy World Teacher's Day to all our amazing teachers!! Take some time today to enjoy a 'sweet escape' with your favorite Dum Dum! 
#dumdums #teacher #worldteacherday #sweettreat #teacherlife #smile

Happy World Teacher's Day to all our...

The world always looks brighter from behind a smile. Celebrate World Smile Day with Dum Dums!! 😄
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The world always looks brighter from behind...

Apples and fall go hand in hand; here's an easy treat that you'll be sure to love!

Sour Apple Cider Slushie

What You'll Need:
-Large Apples
-Apple Cider
-Sour Apple Dum Dums
-Hammer (or mallet)
-Plastic Freezer Bags

1.Pour apple cider into gallon freezer bags. Freeze overnight. (Remove from freezer an hour or two before you will be making the slushies so it can thaw a little.) 2.Put unwrapped SOUR APPLE DUM DUMS in a bag, seal, then crush with a hammer or mallet.
3.Cut off the top of the each apple; remove core and surrounding fruit to create a cup.
4.Combine frozen apple cider and crushed Sour Apple Dum Dums in a blender. Blend until desired texture.
5.Pour into the apples.
6.Garnish with more crushed Sour Apple Dum Dums, a whole, unwrapped Sour Apple Dum Dum (or two!) and a straw.
7.Enjoy!! #dumdums #candy #instagood #fall #pumpkins #apples #applecider #sourapple #happyfall #johnnyappleseed #johnnyappleseedday

Apples and fall go hand in hand;...

Happy National COMIC BOOK Day!! Make this simple Dum Dums Super Hero craft to celebrate! 
#dumdums #superhero #comicbooks #comicbook #nationalcomicbookday #comicon #craft #crafts

Happy National COMIC BOOK Day!! Make this...

Harper is bringing in the fall season with style! Her favorite accessory...a bag of Dum Dums almost as big as she is!!! #dumdums #fall #microfashion #children #instagood #love #happy #smile #lollipop #candy #toddlerfashion

Harper is bringing in the fall season...

We are enjoying the #FirstDayOfFall 😀🍁🍂 How are you celebrating? #autumn #happyfall

We are enjoying the #FirstDayOfFall 😀🍁🍂 How...