No matter the food allergy, whether it is gluten, nuts, soy, wheat, or dairy, Dum Dums won't trigger a reaction. In fact, the only reaction that might be triggered when enjoying a Dum Dums is a smile.

If you're affected by food allergies or know someone who is, you understand the importance of buying allergen free, gluten free Halloween candy. About 7.8 million people in the United States have food allergies, with 3 million aged 18 years and younger. That's a lot of individuals who have to be extra careful about what they eat.

Our Dum Dums flavors are a safe peanut free Halloween candy choice that tastes great, too. Our gluten free lollipops make them a terrific choice for gift giving, to share in school, office or bank locations, and of course, for giving out at Halloween parties and trick or treating.

Learn more about Dum Dums, America's Favorite Giveaway Lollipop™, and our efforts to help every person enjoy the candy they love.

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#MysteryMonday for all you risk takers out there! What flavor did you unwrap today? #DumDums #candy #lollipops #mystery

#MysteryMonday for all you risk takers out...

Happy Friday! Keep that smile going all weekend long with Dum Dums!

Happy Friday! Keep that smile going all...